Client: Pablo Gonzalez Vargas
Services: Brand Strategy, Design, Copywriting + Editing, Publicity Campaigns

Year after year, business leaders, visionaries, and dreamers alike flock to experiential environments to engage with a force they may not fully understand. They are driven by a need for team building, self discovery, and change. Ilumina stands central to these pursuits.

The Confluence worked closely with Mexico City-based artist Pablo Gonzalez Vargas to get the word out about his newest project, the interactive light and sound installation Ilumina, which included a focus on targeting sites in the world of music, art, architecture, and more, along with providing strategy and assisting with asset creation.


“Ilumina is a 37-foot tall art sculpture that invites spectators to plug into a heart monitor and meditate while they watch the tower.”

“Ilumina allowed visitors to take part in an immersive three-minute long meditation and flow exercise that ushers them into a state of coherence and deep harmony.”

“At Burning Man this year, an interactive art installation by the name of Ilumina took on the playa for the first time and provided an unforgettable experience to anyone who participated.”

Stoney Roads
“Venturing in from the depths of Mexico City, Burning Man sounds stage staple Mayan Warrior rolled into the heart of Bushwick this past weekend.”