Lightning in a Bottle Publicity, 2010-2016

Client: Do Lab
Services: Publicity Campaigns, Content Creation, Photography Videography

From 2010 through 2016, The Confluence served as the official Publicity team for Do LaB and Lightning in a Bottle, nurturing media relationships, securing marquee editorial placements, coordinating on-site press and managing crisis communications. Since our partnership, the festival has grown 5x in size to over 25,000 people and selling out the last 2 years in a row. Additionally, we served as Official Filmmaker & Content Creator.


Highlight Media Engagement:

New York Times x Lightning in a Bottle
Secured a cover feature in the New York Times that explores the transformational experiences offered at the 2014 Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival. This was the first in-depth portrait of the growing transformational festival movement by mainstream media.

Vice/Thump x Lightning in a Bottle
While a lot of electronic music festivals tussle to outdo each other while playing the same game, Lightning in a Bottle has quietly developed into a supremely unique festival with some deep character.”

Fest 300 x Lightning in a Bottle
“The crown jewel of The Do LaB… drew beautiful souls from far and wide to its dusty grounds for five transformative days of music, workshops, yoga sessions, camping and everything in between… Lightning In a Bottle 2015 was a kaleidoscopic feast for all our senses.”

Huffington Post x Lightning in a Bottle
“Lightning in a Bottle has transcended from its small beginnings…to a sold-out show at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley. The transformation seems to be working as more and more humans begin to discover the beautiful world which the Do Lab has created.”

Mixmag x Lightning in a Bottle
“Through the dust, heat and binge of the weekend we came out the other end rinsed and fried…taking away a new sense of self-love and appreciation for the common consciousness and family connection that comes with the dynamic community at LiB” x Lightning in a Bottle
“Lightning in a Bottle…lives forever in the hearts and minds of its attendees. Fusing music, art, performance, wellness, conservation, and co-creation into a single all encompassing event – Lightning in a Bottle sets the standard for what a music festival can be.”