A globally renowned media strategist, public speaker and former graduate professor in Berklee School of Music’s, Online Masters Program, Russell, started The Confluence over a decade ago when both Digital Publicity and Content Strategy were yet to blossom into the vital disciplines that they are today. Through artful marrying of media and content strategy, harnessing both grass roots authenticity, as well as global impact, Russell and The Confluence have led hundreds of successful campaigns across a spectrum of industries and across some 25 countries. Having solved for many of the largest and most compelling brands on earth, nobody has been able to seamlessly integrate the legitimate business scale of brands like GoPro, Intel, Pepsi, Budweiser, Target, GE, and beyond, while expanding relationships and vast culture capital across countless tastemakers and thought leaders.

Known for high impact work across industries of fashion, tech, luxury, education, blockchain, consumer goods, travel, music and art festivals and beyond, The Confluence is decade old testament a career of developing valuable relationships with press, artists, brands and tastemakers/influencers globally.

Russell has been the publicist and/or filmmaker/head of content for Coachella, Art With Me, Mayan Warrior, Lightning in a Bottle, The 14th Factory, Wonderfruit, Extreme Tech Challenge, Shambhala, MaiTai, Envision, Decibel, The Great Convergence, Symbiosis and engaged national campaigns at EDC and SXSW. Currently, Russell leads campaign strategy, business development, and production out of The Confluence offices in DTLA He has led a course on tastemaker marketing at General Assembly in Santa Monica, CA and been featured in The Times of London, LA Weekly, Las Vegas Review Journal, Millennial Magazine and NBC LA as a pioneer of digital content strategy. Russell graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado @ Boulder with a BA in Marketing and an emphasis in entrepreneurship.