Ondalinda x Careyes

Client: Ondalinda
Services: Art Direction, Content Creation, Paid Media, Publicity Campaigns

Helped launch the debut of Ondalinda in Costa Careyes, Mexico. This included a publicity campaign targeted to sites in the worlds of music, lifestyle, travel, business, and Mexican media, along with contributing on other aspects of the festival including design, advertising, and strategy.


Lonely Planet
“This boutique music and lifestyle festival is designed to celebrate indigenous Mexican culture through the art and teachings of the Huichol people, with the goal of awakening the senses of those who attend.”

“The wellness-inspired event is from October 27 to 30, so prepare to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in Costa Careyes, Mexico.”

“Ondalinda’s inaugural three-day festival takes place in Costa Careyes, Mexico and features a combination of international acts, wellness and adventure activities, and local Mexican culture.”

“The team producing Ondalinda are veterans of Burning Man and Further Future, so visitors can expect that somewhat indefinable and intriguing collision of technology, rustic simplicity and global awareness.”