Extreme Tech Challenge

Client: XTC
Services: Publicity Campaigns

The Confluence is in charge of global publicity and the outward representation of the Extreme Tech Challenge that took place over several months and culminated with a final competition on Richard Branson’s very own Necker Island.


Secured an interview with Extreme Tech Challenge founder Bill Tai who discusses the beginnings of MaiTai, Entrepreneurship, and his love of kite surfing.
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CNN Money
Secured interview with Extreme Tech Challenge’s winner of 2016 showcasing his winning product and emphasizing on the opportunities that XTC provides for entrepreneurs.

“The winner of the 2016 XTC tells CNN, “Most of the judges have experienced raising kids and even grandkids.” Said Dy, “They understood what it means to have a pregnancy go well and the heartbreak when it doesn’t.” In fact, he notes, “I had a chat” with Branson, “He’s amazing and I wont deny that he also showed interest”