Groove Cruise

Client: Whet Travel
Services: Publicity Campaigns

Work alongside well-established, luxury, experiential travel company Whet Travel to secure publicity for its three cruise charters – Groove Cruise Miami, Groove Cruise Cabo and the Salsa Cruise. Each cruise hits milestones in the 2018-2019 festival season, marking off anniversaries such as 15th and 30th sails. Press efforts include a mix of local, national and international press and cover an array of verticals such as travel, music and fashion.
“Travel the seas while enjoying multiple pioneers of electronic music.”

“Groove Cruise Miami will offer up an epic nautical adventure to whet the palates of bold partiers from across the globe.”

LA Times
“You can dance your way to Havana on a salsa cruise.”

LA Weekly
“Only after attending can one understand the logistical marvel that is Groove Cruise.”