kNew Health

Client: kNew Health
Services: Publicity Campaigns, Content Creation, Videography

As Americans’ trust in traditional health insurance continues to plummet, the vision of KNEW Health founder James Maskell is reshaping the way we view healthcare. Through publicity and content, The Confluence has worked together with James to share his vision of a healthier future. Just like all of our clients, we believe that KNEW Health has the power to make a global impact.

Good Morning Sacramento
“[KNEW Health is] working to empower people; to really take their own healthcare into their own hands.”

LA Tech Watch
“When making a decision about healthcare people think in a binary fashion; do I call the doctor or do I not call the doctor? Rather than subscribing to this obsolete way of thinking it is time to think about KNEW Health.”

News Sentinel
“KNEW Health, which provides lifestyle coaching through a secure online portal called Hello Health, is aimed at wellness care rather than sickness treatment.”