Shambhala Festival Publicity

Client: Shambhala
Services: Publicity Campaign

One of the longest running festivals in the world, Shambhala hired The Confluence for two months prior to the 2014 festival to help with slow ticket sales. We developed the publicity strategy, created and distributed materials and secured reviews & interviews pre+post festival. In just 2 months our outreach hit a combined reach of 69 million, resulting in the festival selling out and breaking attendance records. In 2015, we were hired again for a full six-month publicity contract and helped sell out the festival over a month before the festival began.


Highlight Media Engagement:

Billboard x Shambhala
Secured an exclusive announcement around Shambhala Festival’s 2015 lineup and how the festival stands out from the rest.

Vice x Shambhala
Secured a sit-down interview with the Founder of Shambhala, covering the 17-year history of the festival, the infrastructure, what makes it unique, and what the future entails.

Rolling Stone x Shambhala
Secured feature in Rolling Stone positioning Lightning In A Bottle, Shambhala, and Envision as three of the seven “wildest transformational festivals.”

CBC News x Shambhala
Secured a compelling video piece where safe drug use and harm reduction is discussed and examined.

Thump / Vice x Shambhala
“It’s said that Shambhala Music Festival is situated on a bed of quartz, a collection of crystals imbued with mystical powers and healing energies. Regardless of whether this information is true, it’s hard to deny Shambhala’s magical grandeur at this stage in its lifetime.”

Ventvibe x Shambhala
“Shambhala is a true awakening of life. Shambhala is not just a festival, it is a soul that you become a part of. Shambhala is with you every day. Shambhala, year after year, is our journey home.”

The DJ List x Shambhala
“Time and time again, Shambhala has proven itself to be a coveted destination: the Crown Jewel of festivals…Whether you are still decompressing from this year’s journey, or you are steadfastly prepping for next year, one thing is for certain: Shambhala stands alone on the forefront of something truly magical, innovative and inspiring.”

BitCandy x Shambhala
“The festival that I called home and embraced with all of my heart was giving it all back ten-fold. Never before have I felt so involved, so welcome in a community. These people loved me and they loved what I did. I love them and loved what they did. It all just felt so right. Like everything was how it was supposed to be. Like I was home.”