From the depths of the American indie-folk movement hails the vast and heart-warming musical journey known as The Herbert Bail Orchestra. Based in the understanding of emotion and deception, this uniquely talented group transcends the modern portrayal of performance with utmost lust for the craft. Following the release of their first, self-titled EP in 2011 comes a full length album entitled The Future’s in the Past.

From a young age, lead singer and guitarist Anthony Frattolillo spent his Friday nights helping a New York City janitor, Juan, a Chilean immigrant, finish his duties so that the man could teach Anthony guitar and everything he knew about music . Years later, armed with an overwhelming sense of vigor and awe-inspiring honesty, Frattolillo and accordion player/trombonist Andrew Katz, lead a rogue ensemble whose unique and earnest narrative prods the imagination of their listeners to look deeper — even into themselves. With deep and compelling humility, Frattolillo and Katz are joined by up to seven other members of the rotating cast, revealing vast and sprawling soundscapes, etched out with violin, trumpet, trombone, banjo, keys, bass, and percussion.

This video paints the musical portrait set forth by the passionate vigor of Herbert Bail as they converge in Los Angeles, Austin, Las Vegas, and of course on the main stage at Lightning in a Bottle 2013.