Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest

Client: Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest
Photography: The Confluence
Services: Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Content Creation, Creative Direction, Digital Advertising, Publicity Campaigns

As both a co-founder and partner of Tmrw.Tday Culture Festival, we oversee all publicity, social media management, digital advertising, and content creation. This intimate, one-of-a-kind festival, which takes place in the idyllic beach town of Negril, Jamaica, is brimming with wellness activations, natural therapies, engaging talks, movement classes and meditation. For seven days, attendees explore the realms of consciousness, conviction and growth by allowing themselves to slow down and be immersed in the music, dance, art, and nature—a better TMRW begins TDAY.


“[Tmrw.Tday] is probably one of the most novel things to happen to the world festival scene; not in the sense it’s a reggae festival, since these happen the world over, but with the idea Tmrw.Tday is both music festival, wellness program and tour guide, with the schedule allowing opportunity to go on several Tmrw.Tday-led excursions.”

“Tmrw.Tday is food for the soul set to a vibrant Jamaican soundtrack.”

“Positive energies of Jamaica bring an enhanced spirit of togetherness that’s unforgettable at Tmrw.Tday.”