Continue to provide publicity support for Medicrea, a medical device company based out of Lyon and New York City. Focusing on their use of 3D printing, personalized-spine care, and key FDA approvals, we have lined up widespread interviews and features with websites in the tech, medical, and 3D space. x Medicrea

Secured interview with that focused on Medicrea’s use of 3D printing and their patient-specific treatments for personalized spine surgeries.
“The company has already begun demonstrating that the medicine of tomorrow will look very different from the medicine of yesterday.” x Medicrea

Landed feature in that touched on Medicrea’s FDA approval of patient-specific cervical rods, use of 3D printing, and their ability to provide patients with rapid recoveries.
“For those enduring chronic pain, companies like Medicrea are making a substantial difference for patients who are actually able to regain their daily lives.”

Additional Success:

Pinshape Blog: Landed Medicrea on Pinshape Blog’s list of Top 4 Revolutionary 3D Printing Medical Applications.
“They are the only medical device company offering custom patient-specific implant solutions for spinal conditions, and recently received FDA approval on their UNiD cervical rods.”