“We wanted to do something different, and show and share our paradise and its magic in a new way. Before electronic music arrived in Tulum — there has always been a long history, rich with the arts.” David Graziano’s tanned arm raises an espresso to his mouth from under a loose fitting, white linen button up, excited blue eyes still piercing through the tint of his sunglasses.

Since the closing of the beloved BPM music festival three years ago due to shootings that took the life of 4 and affected the lives of everyone else, the Tulum music/party scene continues to spiral in the month of January. From the surge in Eastern European privileged to the locust-like behavior of many of the January attendees, many of the more discerning travelers have been moving back their Tulum trips back in the year to see exactly what magic Tulums favorite hotelier has up his sun-kissed sleeve.

“I have seen a lot of change down here since even before the electronic music and the parties brought the masses. I don’t judge anyone for enjoying this part of the world as they wish, though I really wanted to do things in a new way by bringing awareness to the arts and different environmental causes along with the rest of our pillars in the Art with Me Program.”

Beyond the art and music pillars, the experience includes the festival’s environmental pillar Care With Me, the culinary-focused Eat With Me, the Breathe With Me wellness program that includes everything from women’s circles to plant medicine healing, the Play With Me pillar focused on creating a family-friendly experience, and finally Give With Me, which will include free concerts and educational talks. Art With Me website.